The inauguration of new premises, the launch of a new brand or the creation of new services are all opportunities for displaying your difference, attracting future customers and valorizing your brand image!

This is a real opportunity for boosting the advertising of your brand, a new product or a new offer of service.

Our task is to assist you, to optimise the impact of your message with clear, hard-hitting communication of course, but why not make it original too?

Our role is to offer innovative impact-making events to ensure that your company stands out!

Make your events even better.


An opportunity to invite YOUR CUSTOMERS AND YOUR STAFF


Dare to be different and create the unexpected with an invitation to your customers to attend sports events!

Bring added value to your communication by taking part in congresses, sports events or major public events.

Advertise your brand image and develop your reputation.

Give your customers an opportunity to experience strong emotions as they attend some of the greatest sports events, Monaco Grand Prix, International Showjumping in Valence, Golf Tournaments....

Whatever your objective, our staff will respond to your needs and offer an event in line with the message you want to convey, offering your customers the best solutions in terms of relationship marketing.

Put your event on the sporting events’ agenda!